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Staff Detail

1 Ms.  Vijayata Rudhra PRINCIPAL  Phd , B.ED
2 Ms.  Arvinder Kaur PGT  MA, B.ED
3 Ms. Harpreet Kaur PGT  MSC ,B.ED
4 Ms. Manroop Kaur PGT MSC ,B.ED
5 Ms. Neha Thaman PGT  MCOM , B.ED 
6 Mr. Shanker Gupta PGT MBA, MCOM,  B.ED 
7 Ms. Shikha Sood   PGT MA, B.ED
8 Mr. Sumeet Dhir   PGT MSC B.ED
9 Ms. Nidhi Chandla PET M.PED
10 Mr. Deepak PTI M.PED
11 Mr. Ravi Kumar PTI M.PED
12 Ms. Anita Sharma TGT MA , B.ED
13 Ms. Geetu Khanna TGT MCA 
14 Ms. Jaspreet Kaur TGT MSC, B.ED
15 Ms.  Kamalpreet Kaur TGT MA , B.ED
16 Ms. Kiran Bala  TGT MA, B.ED
17 Ms. Niky Choudhary  TGT BSC (COMPUTER SCIENCE & IT), B.ED 
18 Ms. Nisha Bhandari TGT MSC, B.ED
19 Ms. Sumandeep Kaur Grewal TGT MCA 
20 Ms.  Swati Sood TGT MSC, B.ED
21 Ms. Aarushi Sharma PRT  MSC ,NTT
22 Ms. Agma PRT  MBA, B.ED
23 Ms.  Ankita PRT  MBA, B.ED
24 Ms. Anupama Bhandari PRT  BA, B.ED
25 Ms. Deepika Sehdev PRT MSC, B.ED
26 Ms.  Ekta Jain PRT BSC, B.ED
27 Ms. Mandip Kaur  PRT MA, M.ED
28 Ms.  Mandeep Walia PRT  MA, BED
29 Ms.  Medhavi PRT  B.A, B.ED
30 Ms. Meenakshi Wadhwa PRT  MA, B.ED
31 Ms.  Nidhi Chopra PRT  MA, B.ED
32 Ms. Neha Khanna PRT  MA,  NTT 
33 Ms. Nirdosh Malhotra PRT  B.A, NTT
34 Ms. Payal Malhotra PRT  M.COM, B.ED
35 Ms. Pooja Garg PRT  MA, B.ED
36 Ms.  Pooja Sharma PRT  M.COM, B.ED
37 Ms. Punam Sahi PRT MA, B.ED
38 Ms. Ramanpreet Kaur  PRT MSC IT
39 Ms. Rekha Sharma PRT MCOM, B.ED
40 Ms. Ritika Sharma PRT MA, B.ED
41 Ms. Renu Kapoor PRT MA, B.ED
42 Ms. Ritu PRT MA, NTT
43 Ms. Rupali Sood PRT MSC, B.ED
44 Ms. Rupinder Kaur PRT MSC-IT, MBA, B.ED
45 Ms.  Satwinder Kaur  PRT  B.COM ,B.ED
46 Ms. Sheena Chopra PRT  B.COM, B.ED
47 Ms. Vibha PRT MA, B.ED
48 Ms. Mamta Pandey PRT BCA & IT
49 Ms.  Deshdeep Kaur PRT M.COM, B.ED
50 Ms. Anju Dhanda NTT B.COM, B.ED
51 Ms. Disha Sharma NTT B.A NTT
52 Ms. Muskan Mehta NTT M.A, B.ED
53 Ms. Shilpy Sethi  NTT B.A., NTT
54 Ms. Ramneek ETT B.A, ETT 

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Dear Parents, Some parents were giving us calls for depositing fee as online study is going on. They were asking for the link from the class teachers as they were interested in depositing the fee. So we sent link through the message for the interested parents only. Kindly don't misunderstand. The school management is not compelling anyone to pay right now. They can deposit at their own. Your co-operation is solicited. Principal

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